Sunday, August 28, 2016

Montana - Part 2

On Friday, we went for a 2 hour horseback ride. I had never ridden a horse before this trip. Kim took Sarah and I to Scott & Joann's to learn to ride a horse before our Montana ride. 

This is one of my favorite scenery pictures, taken out of the car window as we rode to meet up with our trail guide and get our horses

When Kim had made our reservation, she told them there was 1 experienced ride and 2 unexperienced riders. The guide let Kim ride first and whenever she gave the OK, Kim was able to take off on her horse. Needless to say, she loved it!

Sarah and I plodded along behind our trail guide, with the best horses ever!

My horse was a good selfie taker ;)

I think horseback riding was one of my favorite things we did. We were literally in the middle of nowhere (we saw 3 other people in the span of 2 hours) and the scenery was absolutely amazing. Riding the horse was pretty awesome too :)

Friday night, we went to a rodeo. The rodeo was neat, but it was cold, windy, and misting. I ended up with a lovely little cold from it :(

On Saturday we didn't do much. We got up late and Sarah and I did a little exploring around the cabin. Saturday evening we had dinner at the community building where they hold church services. After the dinner and singing, we went to the place where my grandparents were renting a house with Art & Judy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Montana - Part 1

Welcome back! Just a few days short of having a year long "break", aka not taking the time to update this lovely little blog. And since I'm lazy, I'm skipping the rest of the Oregon trip and going right to my latest trip to Montana :) 

**Disclaimer: these are all from my phone, so if the quality is not the best, sorry in advance!**

Kim, Sarah and I went out to Montana for the church gathering. We left the Tuesday before (6/21). Thanks to my Dad, we were able to catch our flight out of Boston. We had a straight flight into Salt Lake City. 

Tuesday night we stayed in a hotel near the airport and then got our rental car in the morning since we landed late in the evening.

On Wednesday, we just drove a lot. We started heading north. At some point we decided we wanted to go the Bar J Chuckwagon Supper & Western Show. It was definitely worth the time spent driving and the late night that it caused (we had a 2 1/4 hour drive after leaving the place at 10).

The next morning we had to be ready at 8 to catch our Yellowstone Tour Bus. They picked us up at our hotel and we stayed on the same bus the whole day. We did the Lower Loop Tour since that ran every day. Highly recommended!

Grand Prismatic Spring

Traveling somewhere...

Part 2 will be up eventually :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oregon - Part 3

Monday morning we met Ralph & Tina and Rachel & Rosanna at the church parking lot. Then we headed off towards Crater Lake. The lake is so blue and awesome. If you are ever out that way it is definitely worth a stop or a few hours drive.

We got there too late on Monday to get a boat tour that afternoon so we signed up for a morning ride on Tuesday. The rest of the afternoon we spent driving around the rim and taking pictures

Phantom Ship...doesn't look very big here but once you get down into the water it's pretty big!

A few panorama's that I really like

The 8 of us had 3 rooms in this house-turned-motel. It was quite interesting to say the least (and we might have been a little tired) but it was comfy! :)

Our room

Next up: sunrise pictures over Crater Lake

Friday, August 14, 2015

Oregon - Part 2

Saturday morning I went out to breakfast with a few of the single girls from Silverton. Then we met everyone else at the coast to climb this little sand dune. Let's just say it required a few breaks in order to get to the top :)

But the view from the top was totally worth it!

Proof that I actually made it to the top :)

Us and the Sinn's (well some of us and some of them)

On the way down, us 5 girls went a different way and went out to the tip of the rocks. It was an absolutely awesome view

Tressa and me

Family pic in front of the cool rocks

Carla and Samantha

For lunch, we all went to another park/beach area about 15 minutes from where we were in the morning. 

A pic of all of us single girls

Saturday was definitely one of my favorite days of our trip :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oregon - Part 1

Dad, Mom, Carla and I went to Oregon for a week in July. We were invited to Silverton by Dean & Heidi Sinn for Bible Class Invite-a-Friend weekend. I'm skipping a few things so that I can put these pictures up since they are way more exciting than pigs and goats (to me anyways).

We had an afternoon flight out of Albany, NY on Thursday July 23rd. I worked for 4 hours in the morning and then we hit the road for what was an AWESOME trip!! We landed in Portland a little after 10 PM. The time change made for a long day that day (3 hour difference) but it only took that night for me to get used to it.

Friday we spent part of the day in Portland. My coworker had told me about a couple of things and I wanted to ride the Portland Aerial Tram. I didn't know that it was associated with a hospital, but they let tourists pay a fee to ride it.

The gondola thing that we rode up & down in.

Never had this view of a highway before! :)

Mt. Hood (I think)

Going back to the lower part of the hospital

After the tram ride, we headed to the Sinn's house. We had dinner plans that evening at Silver Falls. While we were getting ready is when I realized that I had brought the wrong charger for my good camera (still can't believe I did that!). Mom used Dean & Heidi's camera that night and I just used my phone.

On the way we went by these fields that they were burning to get rid of stuff in the ground, or something like that.

This is what it looked like after

After dinner, the Bible Class played some "ice breaker" games

And the rest of us took walks around the falls.
Dad, Mom, Heidi, & Dean

Rachel, Tonya, Tressa, & Myself