Sunday, August 28, 2016

Montana - Part 2

On Friday, we went for a 2 hour horseback ride. I had never ridden a horse before this trip. Kim took Sarah and I to Scott & Joann's to learn to ride a horse before our Montana ride. 

This is one of my favorite scenery pictures, taken out of the car window as we rode to meet up with our trail guide and get our horses

When Kim had made our reservation, she told them there was 1 experienced ride and 2 unexperienced riders. The guide let Kim ride first and whenever she gave the OK, Kim was able to take off on her horse. Needless to say, she loved it!

Sarah and I plodded along behind our trail guide, with the best horses ever!

My horse was a good selfie taker ;)

I think horseback riding was one of my favorite things we did. We were literally in the middle of nowhere (we saw 3 other people in the span of 2 hours) and the scenery was absolutely amazing. Riding the horse was pretty awesome too :)

Friday night, we went to a rodeo. The rodeo was neat, but it was cold, windy, and misting. I ended up with a lovely little cold from it :(

On Saturday we didn't do much. We got up late and Sarah and I did a little exploring around the cabin. Saturday evening we had dinner at the community building where they hold church services. After the dinner and singing, we went to the place where my grandparents were renting a house with Art & Judy.


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